Programm-Ankündigung: Rollenspielrunden (#4)

Folgende Programmpunkte wurden bestätigt und werden vor Ort am Info-Stand zur freien Belegung ausgehängt.
Diesmal zwei Lone Wolf Spielrunden in englischer Sprache von unseren französischen Verlagsfreunden!

The Legacy of King Varnos – Act 2

Lone Wolf Multiplayer (sequel of the scenario played last year in Heppenheim with Gary Chalk)
During the Darklands War, while Kai Master Lone Wolf is imprisoned in the Daziarn Plane, the Freelands of Magnamund try to constitute armies strong enough to resist the Darklords. In Gharten, the capital of Talestria, a mustering of Magnamund troops organized by Lord Constable Nathor and Lord Ardan of Dessi has been perturbed by a dark spell of Darklord Chlanzor. However, this magical attack was a lure to hide a potentially darker operation: infiltrated agents of Darklord Kraagenskûl (the ally of Chlanzor) have tried to seize the sword of King Varnos II in the Royal Museum. Varnos II was the legendary King who repelled the Agarashi monsters in the Danarg swamp and expanded the Kingdom of Talestria. Fortunately, a group of Heroes were able to prevent the agents of Kraagenskûl from escaping with the sword. The heroes discovered the hilt of the ancient sword concealed a small magical crystal, a Power-key crafted by the Elder Magi… The story starts when the heroes wonder what this key can open…
Players: 4-5 players (priority to the players of last year), Game Master: Vincent Lazzari, Duration: ca. 3-4 Hours

Dark Struggle in Ruanon

Lone Wolf Multiplayer
This scenario takes place in the mining town of Ruanon in Southern Sommerlund in MS 5000. The day following the Maesmarn Feast during which the PCs meet, the Gold Convoy to Holmgard is mysteriously attacked soon after its departure from Ruanon, in the Ruanon Forest. No guard survived, but none of them shows any wound, and no Gold ingot was stolen! Soon after, some simple Ruanese are murdered, seemingly randomly, in the town. The PCs will have to investigate this series of murders. They could soon discover several factions of Dark powers are contending for something in this seemingly peaceful remote town.
Players: 4-5 players (priority to the players of last year), Game Master: Vincent Lazzari, Duration: ca. 3 Hours


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